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Collective Art Exhibition 2022 

I was honoured to be featured at the exhibition, titled  "雅集" (ya ji) during Chinese New Year 2022. 


Held with numerous other artists, I made my debut with three pieces this February at 55 Art Space, including Blooming Moment - a canvas painting inspired by hydrangeas, a symbol of gratitude, and elegance.


I was also glad to meet YuLun, who found a strong personal connection with this canvas painting. YuLun is a committed chemistry teacher who goes the extra mile in supporting his student’s learning through music and the creative of social media.

This year, I also had the privilege of partnering with Project Dignity Singapore and Dignity Kitchen on two memorable initiatives that brought joy to and support for their beneficiaries. 


With Project Dignity Singapore, the proceeds from my two other paintings were donated fully to Moonlight Nursing Homes. Project Dignity is an organisation which empowers members of our differently-abled community through initiatives such as skills training and employment opportunities.

On the other hand, proceeds from the project - 俩分爱心 , Two Servings of Love - were used to purchase meals from Dignity Kitchen. The organisation supports halal-certified hawker food stalls run by differently-abled or disadvantaged members of the community. The project successfully provided food for 53 individuals residing at Moonlight Nursing Homes.

Going forward, I hope to one day complete my studies in psychology, and use my knowledge to provide support to Mandarin-speaking members of the community who are struggling to obtain psychological support in a language they are fluent in.

Art Featured: Blooming Moment (2022)

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