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My Journey

Every canvas a journey | Every stroke an indelible mark | Every moment an inspiration |

Art for me is a journey. A process, rather than a destination, an ongoing expression of life's meandering over seasons of change, of self-discovery, and understanding of the world we live in.

As an artist on an ongoing journey of life and inspiration, I continue to draw inspiration from the world around me to refine my craft and bring you art that remains relevant, current, and inspirational.
Since I was a child, I've always had a strong affinity with music and the arts. 

When I started out with calligraphy during my foundational years as an artist, I began to develop a strong interest in art as a way to express what was in the deepest recesses of my heart and as a language of my soul. This also led me to a strong interest in abstract art - a powerful contemplative space and a medium through which personal healing can be achieved or facilitated.


With a firm belief in the value of life-long learning, I continue to be under the tutelage of Singapore-based Chinese artist Wang Fei, as well as Singapore-based Taiwanese artist Hui Fang., 

I also enjoy the study of psychology, and love how art can be such an effective and impactful medium for exploring our inner spaces.. As I hone my interest further in using art as an approach to therapy, I hope that my art will continue to transform lives and inspire you.

As always, I'm eternally grateful to have you on our shared journey.

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