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About Cassie

Every canvas a journey | Every stroke an indelible mark | Every moment an inspiration |
Art for Cassie is a journey. A process, rather than a destination, an ongoing expression of life's meandering over seasons of change, of self-discovery, and understanding of the world we live in.

For her audience, Cassie’s paintings provide a safe avenue for repose. Her choice of playful and bright colours exemplifies this. In her inclination towards translating warmth to her audience, Cassie expands on her admiration for how colours can have different, and deep effects on one’s emotional and physiological states, sincerely cherishing the affectionate reception towards her artwork.  


Ultimately, Cassie highlights that art enables her to connect with others. Both as a result, and outside of, this connection, she emphasizes that art “can heal, has healed, and continues to heal” her. As many artists hope for, Cassie extends this feeling of comfort through her art, indiscriminately, to anyone who chooses to interact with her pieces. 


Cassie shows a deep understanding that for her, painting is a medium through which she expresses herself best in. She states, “painting,  is what I will always have a love for. It is simultaneously the best, and potentially the only, way I know how to reach out to others in the manner I desire.”

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